Da_Taxman "sorry forgot your birthday dont ban me" Ban the rest ;

Lots of congratulatios going on .Hope you had a Great ( 1 score, bakers dozen )
BIRTHDAY :bigsmile:
I know its late but I hope you got all the girls you want :wink:

Love the title :bigsmile:

It’s alright Diane, you’ve plenty of time so no banning I should think (profile says July 30th). :wink:

Better early than never eh? :smiley:

It’s never too late :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy belated Birthday :bigsmile:

Hmmm according to Da_Taxman’s profile, his birthday is July 30th, so you haven’t missed it yet (or missed it last year). :slight_smile:

I just said that smarty :stuck_out_tongue:

You picky :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe Taxmen get two birthdays?
One according to the regular year, and the other according to the tax year.

wow i graduated high school that year :rolleyes: he’s my long lost kid from anotha motha :bigsmile:

Not everyone can post within 0.003 seconds when a new thread is created, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


There were 3 minutes between my post and yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks realy thought it was last month :bigsmile:
You can move this to a BLOND MOMENT

like the beani :slight_smile:

or he has a birthday every month :bigsmile:

Well, the taxman gets a biiig gift from me every month!! :doh:

Lol, Happy be-lated/Be-earlied & Be-repeated birthdays to Da_Taxman.

Dunno what gave you the idea that my biday was last June 30…am in the habbit of entering an incorrect date in my profile…I can tell all that the date currently in my profile is incorrect…

But the thought is appreciated.

In that case: Happy Unbirthday! :smiley:

Tax is just sour 'cos he’s getting old :bigsmile:

Your not an April Fools birthday boy are you? :bigsmile: ok i give up what is the correct day? :confused:

Thanks for being so understanding :flower: A while back was playing around with this FastStone Capture .My PC kneeds a Format so was checking all screen shots .Only way not to wast dialup time capture scroling window and open in MS paint to read off line. Sorry :bow: …not…:wink: :bigsmile: