D3v format for Nintendo DS / Games & Music

I have been trying unsuccessfully to create a profile for the NDS for the d3fv format for Date’s Games & Music card. Has anyone else had any success with this? Is this a feature that is in the pipe for addition?



What your mean is dpg3 format for NDS ?

No, actually, d3v.

The Games n Music comes with a player and converter for that format, but of course that requires multiple steps.

I am looking for the one-step rip and convert.

The supplied converter uses ffmpeg, and the following settings:

Format = MPEG-1
Frame Rate = 12
Size = 256x192
Bitrate = 384
Format = MPEG-2
Channels = 1
Frequency = 22050Hz
Bitrate = 64Kb


please tell me more information about this format, any docs or guides for this format is good, so I can make a profile for it.


I wish I had more docs LOL.

I took the Datel converter program and viewed it with a hex editor to see what the ffmpeg settings were so I could play with them, but could not find any actual documentation on the format.

Unfortunately, that taxed the limits of my technical capability !

Any progress on this one? Has anybody been able to write a profile that works?