D2SRoBa Problem

I have literally downloaded every DVD2SVCD software bundle from every online location I cam find (i have searched for at least 4 hours). But for some reason, my virus scanner finds a Trojan horse/ adware in each and every one of their D2SRoBa plugins. When my virus scan automatically cleans this issue up, it renders D2SRoBa useless (although DVD2SVCD and AviSynth work perfectly). I have tried to download just a D2SRoBa file on its own, but cant find it separated from DVD2SVCD. The DVD2SVCD files I’m pulling off the internet are all named D2S123B1.zip (same file on dvd2svcd.org).

Has anyone else had this problem?

If anyone knows of a website I could download a ‘clean’ version of D2SRoBa, that would be awesome. If not, are there any substitute programs that can accomplish the same tasks as D2SRoBa in collaboration with CCE and DVD2SVCD?


P.S. Sorry about the PM ChickenMan. I just checked your profile a second ago.

This plugin is CLEAN. Why do you insist trusting your virusscanner blindly?

I know, im such a sheep :iagree:. i circumvented the problem by marking the D2SRoBa.exe as “do not scan”.

However I have run into a second problem. I’ll give a little background: im running CCE sp (not trial), EclCCE v.1.81, DVD2SVCD 1.2.3 Build 1, and D2Sroba v 3.80.

To my knowledge, these are all compatible. However when I try to convert my avi to dvd, I get the following message:

[B]Audio conversion finished.

  • 3/13/2009 2:22:51 PM
  • Free on drive C: 19011.62 mb
  • Video Encoding using Cinema Craft

Executing Cinema Craft Encoder.
Cannot load CCE project file. Retry #1
Cannot load CCE project file. Retry #2
Cannot load CCE project file. Retry #3
Cannot load CCE project file. Retry #4
Error cannot load CCE project file. Giving up.[/B]

I know I am pretty new at this, but “Giving Up” doesnt sound very good. When I close DVD2SVCD i get a message that says the program is still active, but to my knowledge, the video conversion was no longer working.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

No idea, maybe just an CCE specific prolem.