D2SRoBa avi->DVD sizing question



Is there any way to determine the maximum size that an avi file will be when converted to dvd?
I ask this, because I set D2SRoBa to conditional and <0.2 and total size to 4440. Sometimes I have an avi that can only get to maybe 3.5GB, so I rather not have D2SRoBa do a second pass if it isn’t going to be near 4440. In other words, I would like to be able to calculate the max size that the avi can be when converted, so I can set that as my total size in D2SRoBa.


If the AVI is a quaulity AVI, then RoBa uses the lowest Q value of 1 to achieve maximum output file size. So if using D2SRoba/DVD2SVCD as ususual and the Q value is seleected as 1 in its eary stage, simply shut it all down, run DVD2SVCD ONLY and in Encoder Tab, select “One Pass VBR” and set Q to 1. Then it will do one pass only optimising the final size and quality to max possible, even though it will still be short of the 4440 target.