D2O inches closer to perfection

I used D2O on “Road to Perdition” and “The Tuxedo” and was very pleased with the results.
First let me say that I initially encountered problems with the menus using 1.1.2 although the movie itself was fine.
That’s the first time I encountered this problem using 1.1.2 and it’s the only reason I used 1.1.3.
The improvement in video quality from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2/1.1.3 is very impressive. This is because one gets to omit unwanted audio tracks.

The only features D2O needs to be perfect is:

  1. A ripping capability.
  2. The ability to omit subtitles.
  3. Maybe an increase in compressing speed.

Still D2O is a great product and still better than (in my opinion) DVDxCopy. I downloaded, but still have not used, DVD copy express because I don’t see the need to switch just yet.

I also had a problem with the menu on one disk with episodes using the Mac version. But it only showed up on the computer drive, not my TV player. Odd, first time I clicked on the menu a ghost image of the menu appeares and nothing happens. Clicked on it again and it played.

Without question, DVD2One is unbelievable. I copied a 7.8 GB disk in disk copy mode with all the sound tracks just to see what it would do. On my computer monitor there was just a tad loss of image quality. If one didn’t see the original first, they would never know, that’s how good it is. On my TV, the image quality is better than VHS tape.

I agree about the speed but I doubt anything can be done to improve that very much. From start to finish, it took 3 hrs to do that 7.8 GB disk using 1X media on a G4 dual 450 Mac. That’s a long time for someone like me who is use to doing a lot of other things on the computer.

come on Plexor - get real

Ripping ?? dvd2one will NOT get a ripping capability - why is that so hard to understand ? It has been explained many times over why not - im stomped why people cannot understand this simple thing :eek:

Subtitles ?? whats the point in doing alot of codingwork to be able to ommit subtitles - they dont take up any space thus removing them will not increase quality of the movie. If you dont like to watch them simply turn them off when you play the movie - I gather you do know how to turn off subtitles on your dvd-player ? :eek:

Increase in speed ?? dvd2one only accounts for about 15 minuttes. The rest is used in ripping and burning. 15 minuttes to transcode an entire movie - compared to other tools which use from 4 hours to 4 days. I seriously doubt you will see much increase in speed for dvd2one itself. Whats the point in working alot in coding to increase speed from 15 to 13 min ?? If you need to increase speed - ditch the Dell and get a faster computer :eek:

Silly requests IMHO

I think a ripper is a good Idea. Right now I am using a batch job and macro express and am able to decrypt and burn using DVD2one all in 1 click.

There is a markert out there to do this. I have a few friends that used DVD2one but have converted to DVDXCOPY XPress simply because its 1 click.

oh well - peace be with them - I’d rather have a few users switch to something else rather than have the nice simplicity of dvd2one ruined by incorporating a ripper that could potentially introduce alot of issues. There are nice rippers out there allready, dvddecrypter and smartripper - absolutely no need for another one. I like having control, do the ripping first and make sure my project is as I want it to be before letting dvd2one at work.

And im not even mentioning the legal problems they would run into by incorporating a ripper into dvd2one.

>The only features D2O needs to be >perfect is:
>1. A ripping capability.

Er, no need. That is what rippers are for. It’s a *nix thing, use multiple tools that are geared to specific tasks to create what you need. Making an all-in-one tool just adds problems (of many kinds).

>2. The ability to omit subtitles.

Why? They take up literally almost no space. I was thrilled to see the ability to omit audio streams, which do take space. If you don’t like subtitles, turn them off.

>3. Maybe an increase in compressing >speed.

Faster is better of course, but I’m not sure it could get much faster aside from changing the program philosophy. If you have a drive that is not rip-locked to 2x, and a 4x burner, I mean sheez. You are allready looking at very low “total solution” times.

It’s just not going to get much faster on the transcode side. I’d rather see speed stay the same and quality improve, if it all possible. Not that I am saying the quality is poor :slight_smile:

What I have started doing with my discs is this. Create two discs for titles I own that I want to backup. One as movie only (with DTS over DD51 if possible) and then one of the same film as full-disc, stripping unwanted audio streams. You can easily find two-disc snap cases online. Then you are set, you have quality as well as quantity (features, like menus and extras and commentaries, which I do like!).

On the last screen, the one with the start button, there are 3 fields, Audio-Subtitle-Angle. I always select AC3 6ch and angle 1. By not selecting any Subtitle I thought I was omitting them, never tried to turn them on.