D-VR610KU-Toshiba VCR/DVD

I purchased this unit about a year and a half ago. I am currently out of work and wanted to convert my VCR tapes to DVD. I have used the DVD before to play movies before. The VCR I had only used once or twice before. They both worked.

Tried to dub a VCR tape to DVD today. Tape went fine and worked on TV but I must have done something wrong, becuase it didn’t burn so I went back to the manual.

I reinserted the tape and the unit shuts off. When I turn the unit on the tape ejects. Again I push the tape back in, the counter show 00;00;00 then it goes blank and the unit shuts off. Turn it back on and the tape ejects. This continues to happen. Tape won’t play, rewine or fast foward. I have disconected the unit from power for over 2 hours but no change.

Forget trying to dub, I can’t get the VCR part now to work.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

Thanks for any help!


I guess it is allowed to copy a VHS tape onto a DVD only once for the same tape. Please try with another VHS tape and it must be going.