D R1 drive replacement

Hi there,

i’m new to this forum, i’ve found by Googling to find out if possible to replace the drive of a Toshiba D R1 model.

I’ve searched already the forum, but not easy to find anything related to “D R1” as this is too short for the search engine, so please don’t blame me if this is already asked and answered by someone else.

So, i’ve found that a brother model, Toshiba XS32 which is more or less the same as my D R1 but with hard drive, it’s possible to replace by some LG models. But mine is a D R1.

Did anybody here replaced his drive on this model?

I’de like also to ask about firmware.
I’ve found many things about firmware updates, but nothing in English or French, just German.

My unit actually have ZH10 firmware version, while i always see about ZLxx versions.
Can i flash my 1307 with ZH10 with a ZL firmware?
What does that mean ZL and ZH?

That’s a lot of questions for my first post. Sorry for that.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi There,

me again.

For those likeme who want to know, i bought a LG H10 series and it worked perfectly.
I can now watch all my DVD, -R, -RW and RAM, and record them normally.

I’m just happy.
I cost me just 36 Euros and less than an hour to replace it.

Cool, some machines seem to be firmware locked to the burner they came with. The polaroid I bought will happily take any bigger hard drive I slam in it but will not record with any other burner I have tried?!.