D-Link wireless problem

Hi i’ve been searching the web for days trying to find any thing on my problem but have come up with bubkis (nothing), so here it is and i am praying some one can help.
I few weeks back i brought a D-Link DSL-G604T Wireless ADSL+ Router for me and my mums laptops. I followed the instructios, installed it, and i conected perfectly to the internet with the cable LAN line connected. How ever when i tried to disconect cable and use the wireless (which is the purpose of having the wireless) nothing happened. My laptop said there was nothing to connect to, i tried mums laptop and hers connected perfectly fine with out a problem. I don’t know what to do, i know my laptop can pick up wireless because i took it away on holiday and it worked fine. I realize it’s probably something really simple that i need to do but my logical thinking has gone out the window after weeks of frustration. :frowning:
So in advance i thank you for any an all help as well as the gentelness in which you may ridicule me for my stupidity. :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but most laptops have a switch/button that needs to be turned on for the wireless to work. Have you double checked you wireless switch?

:slight_smile: Yes i doubled then tripled checked, it is on.

[QUOTE=emmerjean;2218471]:slight_smile: Yes i doubled then tripled checked, it is on.[/QUOTE]

O.K. What make and model laptop do you have? What operating system are you using?

it is a toshiba satellite A100 with xp

There seem to be different models of the A100, some with an Intel wireless adapter, some with Atheros. Anyway, go to the Device Manager, (Start/Control Panel/Hardware/Device Manager) and click the little plus sign next to Network adapters. This will tell you which one you have and also if it there are any problems. If you right click on the adapter and select properties you will see the device status. If it doesn;t say “This device is working properly” Select “Troubleshoot” and see what results you get.

it says there is -
-1394 Net Adapter
-Bluetooth Personal Area Network from Toshiba
-Intel® PRO1000 PL Network Connection
-Intel® PRO/Wireless 3459ABG Network Connection

I asume it is the last one that is what im looking for, it is disabled at the moment cause i have the LAN Cabel in but when i unplug it and enable it device manager says its working properly. I check for the wireless and it still says there is nothing. Troubleshooting says to uninstall and reinstall so im gonna try it and see what happens.

It worked, i cant tell you how appriceative i am, this has been a thorn in my side for weeks, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, you rock Whappo.

:clap: :bow:

You’re welcome.