D-Link + Motherboard = Bad!

D-Link DWL-G520 and an AMD Athlon XP makes instability? It seems confusing but it happens! My second to latest project continually crashes when the D-Link card is in, take the card out, no worries! Put it in, bad. So I’ve downloaded some new drivers for the D-Link card, a WPA patch for the drivers and when I get the details about the system I’ll get the latest motherboard drivers, the newest 4-in-1 via drivers and maybe a new bios for it should the situation warrant it. But if it doesn’t work, what then?

Try changing the card to another PCI slot. You may have a faulty network card there…

As Lvsitano already suggested, it might be wise to rotate the card over different PCI slots, as there may be some kind of IRQ conflict between your card and another component in your system.

When booting, on most systems, you can see a table of assigned IRQs. Check that table to see if there’s any other component on the same IRQ. If so, the rotating might help.

Besides the IRQ problem, there can also be a clonflict between your mainboard and a card (can be a chipset problem, but a mainboard specific problem as well). Sometimes, this can be solved by updating your mainboard’s BIOS.
What mainboard is in your system?