D: Drive picture/icon!

Hello everyone I’m new!

Well, i’ve been backin up (or trying to) my morrowind computer games (construction set mainly - just to test it) and my D: drive (which is a cd drive) has an icon of the morrowind construction set – evn when the game isnt presently in the drive! when i click on it, it says “Font 0 not found in .\Morrowind.ini. Current path in D:.”

What does this mean and how do I get my cd drive back ? when i right click, it says autoplay, install Morrowind Construction set, etc but i want my drive back! oh btw it says autoplay and install even when its not in the drive :frowning:

:bow: you guys are great so i hope you can help!

Verify that the drive is empty. Refresh windows explorer (F5). And try rebooting.

If that doesn’t work, try inserting another CD and getting the drive to recognize the new disc. Then eject the new one.

What OS are you running?

Thats quite normal for Windows. Well mine does that anyway! I run Windows 2000 SP4.

If I insert, say, NFS Underground CD - it’s icon will appear and the autoplay options are listed. If you eject the CD, the icon will stay there - on my PC to make it revert back to the normal ‘Compact Disc’ icon, I have to close Explorer and Re-open it - then hit Refresh.

I don’t know if its certain hardware, I’ve always noticed ‘sticky-cd-icons’ on my Pioneer DVDROM Slot-Loader. It could be something to do with an ‘Eject Notification’ which some drives can’t handle or something along those lines.

Yes this happens to me too. Although my problem is slightly more serious, because the CD Label (The name of the CD) stays there as well! So when you go to make an image file with another CD, it still has the other CD’s Volume name!


The icon, cd label, and menu options ‘stick’ on mine!

same here… icon, opyions, and label! i will try restarting

i have win xp