D.C query?

:slight_smile: Iv been searching (long and hard) for a way to back up my Dreamcast collection.
I have a lot of games so downloading them is not an option.

My problem is this, The Dc coders cable is too bloody expensive.
I live in Australia and it would cost me $60.
Iv read everywhere that the cable hack uses a Dc to neo geo cable but can you use a plain serial cable.

Also is there a way to use the inbuilt modem

Im also interested in Downloading to my Dc as i would like to develop homebrew games. So dont think im some pirate nut or sumthin’.
I already have some games that don’t read properly.
I changed the pulsewidth of the laser some and it seemed to help.

I know its a lot for my 2nd post :wink: but thanks in advance.