D-12_shit on you (COMPLETE)

I’m looking for the complete version of D-12’s ‘Shit on you’

not the one that has the full lyrics, but an edited end, and certainly not the DJ Clue mixtape version.

I’m talkin bout the video like version, where at the end Eminem goes: ‘your house, your spouse, your rings, your things’

please tell me where I can d/l that version!


You know, there’s this nice program called NAPSTER.

Are you completely clueless or something?

Originally posted by redhotwax
[B]You know, there’s this nice program called NAPSTER.

Are you completely clueless or something? [/B]

Darkchild has been here longer than today and probably has tried that already (or isn’t using Napster at all, like some people (me)).

First you violate 2 forum rules in one posting and then you start raving at other people calling them stupid… I would advise you not to do that, this forum is to help each other, not to put eachother down (unless they are really ignorant and have repeatedly shown this (Dutch people know what I am talking about in the Dutch forums :wink: ).

Unfortunately I am not able to help, hopefully someone can, someone who is more polite :wink:

well put, Tax, thanks

oh, and Mr Wax, if you would have READ my post, you would have noticed I already have two versions of the song (and they didn’t come falling out of the sky or something)

but a man with your infinite wisdom probably already figured that out…(sure!)

I think I might have that one!

I am diggin through my cd’s trying to locate it! Which is a task. But I downloaded it a while ago and burned it to cd.

If you don’t get it soon, once I check the one I have I will let you know.

Buck Wilde

thanks Buck, you’re quite helpful! (compared to certain others :wink: )

but anyway: I hope you can find it, cuz I really want that song!


Sorry Darkchild. Yesterday I was in a really really bad mood and felt the urge to take it out on someone, ignorant asshole that I can be. Please accept my apologies, didn’t mean to make such a bad impression on my first post on CD-Freaks. :wink:

apologies accepted!

no hard feelings, we all have bad (hair) days from time to time :smiley:

it’s all good, CD Freaks and DarkChild 4 life!

Darkchild What up?

Sorry man I don’t have the one you are looking for!

I have the one with DJ Clue’s voice all over it!

Clue is good but he needs to be quiet!

I am still on the look, so I will let you know if I find anything!


Buck Wilde

thanks for lookin!

oh, and how can Clue be any good, when you can’t hear him? :smiley:

(not that I don’t agree with you, those DJ’s all need to stop hollerin through those songs!)


Thats Clue back there screaming on the mic.

You know…“New Shit, New Eminem, D12, Clue…etc”

Trust me on this version it is Clue! He says his name all over it! There is a couple of other songs that I have that has him screaming on 'em!

Buck Wilde

you didn’t quite understand me there, Buck Wilde…

of course I know it’s Clue on that version, hell I even have it on my computer…

what I meant to say was: you said in your previous post that you thought Clue was good, but he needed to keep his mouth shut.
I was just wonderin how you could know he was any good if he was quiet all the time!

(explaining a joke is really stupid man!)

anyway: stay on the look out!


My fault!

You make a good point! I was considering the fact that he possibly produced the track!

Who knows?



I ain’t to convinced of Clue’s production skills…

but anyway, it’s always the same with those mixtapes, some cat hollering through the song for no specific reason…

most of the time you can’t even hear what they’re saying (making it even more useless) and it really takes a song down…

so no, Clue didn’t produce it (he’d wish)

but I’m still desperately lookin for it!

thnkz people!

that song is crap and eminem is Crap he is a cock sucker

Hey i found the song this morning if you still want it reply back…

Just try some FXP boards… you’ll find the whole maxi cd single…

sometimes it can be usefull to search with for example ‘video edit’ or single edit after the title of the song. It was for me sometimes the solution.

sometimes it can help to ad ‘video edit’ or ‘radio edit’ after the title. It has helped me several times to find the version I was looking for.

let know if you want it,

and eminem is not crap, he simply rocks and kicks ass


my site, not much there but the real fan can have a look