Czech to release Linux for Playstation



I just posted the article Czech to release Linux for Playstation.

After Sony already released a Linux version for the Playstation 2 earlier this year now a Czech company announces a Linux release for the original Playstation.

Following high demand for Sony’s…

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“made to work only on Japanese PlayStations” I wonder if the use of a mod-chip will let you use the kit on a US PS, then we could find new ways to play backups without using mod-chips! :d


So you need a modchip to run Linux to play backups without a modchip??? Seems you still need a modchip then, you got me confused.


I´ve got a PSX, but how should I communucate with Linux on my PSX ? There ain´t no keyboards for the standard PSX. And how shall I burn the CD ?


There is a kernel image included in this archive with the source (or you could build yourself with MIPS targeted GCC). I couldn’t get this to run though. I borrowed system.cnf from a PSX game CD and edited to point at the kernel image. Won’t boot beyond Sony screen though (I use this trick to hack PSX games in the past). The kernel seems to be ELF format. Are PSX games modified ELF? should the kernel have been built in a different binary format? Where is the entry point on a PSX EXE? I think we load the kernel at the top of memory, starting at 1Mb. I tried messing with the image header a little and moving the stack outside the kernel’s physical address space usage in system.cnf (game is smaller than our kernel). Maybe write a PS-X EXE as a boot loader? or rebuild kernel as flat binary? Anyone know about this?


What I meant was this: once experienced hackers/crackers can find out a lot of info on a modded US PSX running Linux, they can use their knowledge and discoveries to develop a way to play burned games on other PlayStations that are not modded. With Linux, they can get into the system’s code instructions more easily and find out how it works.


I don’t quite see the point of Linux on PSX - well maybe for making your own games. The PSX is simply too slow for anything else. You don’t need to use Linux to find out how to play burned games on PSX. All you need is someone to find out how the protection really works, i.e. all intricate details relating to the PSX CD and study of the MOD chip source.


And just how can you study the MOD Chip by simply running a game? You can use an OS to find out how a MOD Chip is programmed. Using an OS, you have much more freedom, such as designing your own cracking/hacking software to hack into the MOD Chip instructions. And hey, take a break, guys! I’m only 13 and not as experienced with PSX.


Has anyone succesfully compiled the runix kernel for psx? I have been unable to compile the kernel for the psx, if anyone has the compiled kernel a easy cd creator image file would be greatly appreciated.


Hey I am a 15 year old programmer and I am going to program my own Linux for the PS2 anyone wanna help me and I will send you the data as we progress I will do this anyway but if enough people show an interest then I will make a web-Site where the source will be freely distributable. PS I can already program for the PS2 and am working on the mod chip problem without linux and the PSX mod chip problem with Catella :7 :8 :slight_smile: :4