Czech. review of 3540a online

Czech. review of 3540a online

looks good !

The graphs look nice, however I can’t read Czech. Can you translate it for me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a Czech. too English translation site somewhere?

I tried the translation engines listed on, but the ones that can handle Czech aren’t very good.

I think the graphs are very much selfexplaining. In general they look pretty good and the flaws are the usual once (e.g. overburning, copy protection, dvd-ram etc.) except maybe some cd quality issues.

However, i’m also still waiting for a full review here at cdfreaks. When can we expect this to happen ? Are you still waiting for an improved fw ?

From my personal experience there is already an improvement made for + and - Medias with the latest 1.01 version (1.01e dated 17/05/05) with write strategies 1.03G and 1.05G, so i’m also waiting for 1.W5.

next review online


Very poorly done, as per usual with ExtremeMHZ.


A really poor review. :doh:

If does release firmware to remedy the rip lock, this will certainly make it a drive to consider.

Good to know that several people on CD Freaks are already using Riplock removed firmwares on their 3540 drives. :iagree: