Czech magazine chooses BTC DRW1008 as "best buy"

Czech’s “Computer” magazine chose the BTC DRW1008 as the best buy (“dobra koupe”) among 17 drives.

(bad translation of the original Czech article)

This drive was the biggest surprise of whole test. We wasn´t disappointed in any test. This drive belongs to the fastest ones. It demonstated the best test in writing on DVD-R and CD-R. Also writing for other medias is not slow. The best result we can find also in reading of aggrieved and scratched medias. We can point us just higher access times to DVD media and read speed of rewritable DVDs. This drive just declined the wiriting for CDRW by 16x, but this is just only one fault. If we calculate also with price we have very good choice for DVDRW.

Final resumé: eminency drive (9 from 10 stars)

  • great overburning
  • reading of aggrieved and scratched medias
  • speed
  • price
  • access time for DVD
  • reading of DVD„bRW

We are pleasant to award this drive by award: BEST PRODUCT OF MAGAZINE 7/04 and GOOD BUYING CHOICE.