CystalDiskInfo Guidance


I am currently under the CrystalDiskInfo yellow caution flag on a few drives. As everybody knows I am no techie, so I was wondering if somebody could tell me in layman’s terms what is going on. I know that the raw values are the most important, but not how it all fits together. The 2TB really ticks me off, because it was the refurb I bought a while ago. My own stupid fault and you get what you pay for.

Reallocated sectors count: Current Worst Threshold Raw Values (Dec)

My wife’s, I already moved her os to another drive (250 GB) 100 100 36 5

Mine, it’s my 750 gb pile a lot on it drive get to it as I can 100 100 36 7

Server, 500 GB partitioned os + storage (C+D) 178 178 140 173

2TB, storage 625GB free on 1.81TB 198 198 140 11

I’m figuring that the 500GB is pretty well toast, but all still work.