Cyrix processor



A friend of me want’s to buy a simple PC, only for playing simple games and simple wordproccesing, he saw a all in PC with Monitor, HD, CD-rom, memory, etc
But with a CYRIX proccesor “is it good or is it bad!?”

all Answerz are welcome

thankz, Vincent


You didn’t tell the speed, but for simple appz and games CYRIX proccesor 300Mhz+ will do the job very well.

If he can get a AMD K6-2, which is also cheap, I think will be better


I personally would stay away from the cyrix
chips… Even though they are lower in price by far, they do not have the performance that the AMD or Intel have.
For some hot deals try and go to the surplus direct tab. Clic it for some hot deals.


I would agree to the others. Cyrix processors are a lot slower than Intels or AMDs. A Cyrix 200+ processor isn’t running at 200 MMz, it runs at a lower speed. But Cyrix claims that it is as fast as a Pentium 200 MHz. It isn’t true. Especially with 3d-games Cyrix processors are a lot slower. If you want to buy a cheap and good processor, go for AMD k6-2 or even Intel Celeron.


Intel processors are far better supported than cyrix. Lots of appz just don’t work with cyrix.


Thankz for helping me and my friend, he’s going definetly for a Intel Celeron processor

So My friend and I am going Saturday to Eindhoven to the PC benelux Beurs and we are going to build a system on a intel processor.