CyQ've Branded 4X 4.7GB DVD+R

CyQ’ve Branded 4X 4.7GB DVD+R (PLUS MEDIA)
Made using high quality Ritek 4X Media

Anyone tried them and know what the ADIP (or ADVDINFO) is? Are they Ritek r02? Or some “supposedly shitty grade C media”.

I’m thinking in buying them and need to know as well to see if I could burn them at 8x safely.



Originally posted by JamworkS

Or some “supposedly shitty grade C media”.

None & nothing’s safe in the world.

Media : CD-R media
Subtype: Medium Type C, low Beta category (C-)
Disc(Matrix) Manufacturer : Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.


Mitsui? They say that they are Ritek? Are you totally sure about that Info?

I was thinking of buying 50 of Them. I have an Optorite 8x.


No, you just misunderstood me. I only meant “shit happens” referring to Mitsui CDRs. That’s it.
Sorry, if I mislead you.

Btw, those Mitsui DVD-R 4x I got here are made by : Media code/Manufacturer ID TYG01

I realise you have probably already bought some other media but thought I would add my experience with Cyq’ve disks.
I bought 100 of the DVD+R x4 disks about two weeks ago and have experiemented with them. Using my Lite-on 811 I could’nt burn at 8x speed and get a readable disk on my standalone player (Sony reads just about anything). But have had good success over about 50 disks at 6x speed.
Will try doing a K-probe test on a few disks tonight.
My preference is for the Arita (Ritek) DVD+R 4x which I can burn at 8x speed with no trouble.