Cyqve 8x DVD+R Gold top media (SONYD11)

Just got some of these Cyqve discs and I thought I would share the results, which I think are pretty impressive for budget media.

This is a 50 spindle and the discs are label Cyqve 8x in white and silver with a gold background. They look at lot like the CMC MAG E01s which have a white or frosted silver background. They have a good quality look about them and have a very dark dye.

The first scans are using a Benq 1640 BSJB at 8x burn and 8x scan and the last scan is the same disc scanned in a LiteOn 1693S at 4x.

This burn was in a real Liteon 1693S and was burned at 8x and scanned at 4x.

This is almost as good as my Yuden T02 media, and at half the price :slight_smile:

The last scan is the same disc scanned in the Benq 1640 at 8x.

Scan the same disc burned by liteon , why liteon 's pipo scan result is better then benq?

The Liteon scan uses 4x read speed and the PIF is ECC1, whereas the Benq uses 8x read speed and the PIF is ECC8. The Liteon however did a better job of the PIFs than the Benq but was not as good with jitter and PIs. I’m very happy with both burn though :slight_smile:

I burned a MCC003 with liteon,When i use liteon to do 8X scan , the pipo result is 5xxx/4xx,but benq’s 8X scan result is 2xxxxx/5xx.
When i use benq to burn MCC003,the result by both burner is is strange.

I think the higher jitter from the Liteon burn may be the reason for this. What’s the jitter result with your MCC003?

Liteon burned MCC003 jitter

BENQ burned MCC003 jitter