Cycling redundancy error

hello everyone. i have a plextor px-708A dvd burner and samsung dvd-rom sd-616E. i usually back up a lot of movies and i have had any problem before. however, yesterday i tried to decrypt a dvd with dvd decrypter using the plextor drive and it gave this error: “I/O Error, L-EC uncorrectable error”. then i tried to do the same thing with my samsung drive and it gave me another error: “unrecovered read error”. Afterwards, i used dvd shrink to decrypt the dvd using both the plextor and the samsung drive and the following error appeard: “cycling Redundancy check”. I don’t know what is going on and i don’t understand any of the errors. i don’t really know what to do. i hope someone can help me. thanks

p.d. my pc is a dell 4600, intel pentium 4 cpu 2.80 ghz, 256 mb ram

Sounds like the DVD you are trying to back up has some scratches on it or is dirty. Drive could be dirty also.

i tried with three different dvds.

You said it happened with another drive too huh?

yes. i have a dvd burner and a normal dvdrom drive


I encountered this error before - but it was due to the media (Prodisc 8x +R’s)-

Might want to try some good stuff like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell-


but i wasnt even burning. it shows me the error when the drivers are reading the dvd i want to copy later.

Thats pretty strange. I agree with Bigmike7 and The Foundation, those are reading errors. The most common causes would be scratched disks (even fine scratches tha are not that visable can sometimes cause problems) or it’s a burned disk that has too many errors. My advice would be try a few more disks and see if they all do it. I wouldn’t think that your drive has failed as two drives are doing it.
One posibility would be if their was a contamanent on a disk and you tried that disk in both drives, you may have dirty laser lenses in both drives from it (something is keeping them from reading). Try a laser lens cleaner (you can get them at most major stores for a few dollars).
Are both drives on the same ide cable? I spent several days trying to figure out what was wrong with a cd burner once. It turned out the be a bad ide cable. Very slight damage to a cable will allow the drive seem to work fine but error will keep occuring.
Fyi make sure it’s an 80 wire cable.

Yo ripit-

Hate to disagree with you - but one should NEVER use a laser lense cleaner (the disc with brushes on it) 'cause they may damage the laser to a point that it cannot read/write-

Best to open the drawer and shoot around the lower area with compressed air from the can and hope to dislodge any dust from the laser-


I didn’t know that they could damage anything. I have never had a problem with one but I have only used one a few times so it is certainly possible that I got lucky. Never heard of anything beter to use if you get something sticky on the lens. Canned air sounds like a good idea if it is just dust. The only other thing I could think of is to disasemble it and clean the lens with some lens tissue and alcohol. Tha’t not something I would try unless all else had failed (and it wasn’t under waranty) and I was fairly certain that the lens had been contaminated.
Well have to see if any other solutions work for him or not.
Fyi I just had a cycling redundancy error 5 minutes ago with the martian chronicles disk 3 (using nero) during the pre analysis. I used some plexus (fills scratches), tried again and it worked fine (not the first time that has happened).

Yo ripit-

What are you using for your reader??

I have been using the Aopen1648/aap DVD rom drive as my reader for the past 3 or 4 months and have found that it will slow down and read through the scratches - beats the Sony 1612 (LiteOn 166s) in reading errors and especially read/rip speed-


Right now I am only using a nec3500 for reading and writing. My other computer has a liteon 851s@832s and a cheapo reader (cannot remember the brand at the moment but it rips at around 6x and works decent enough). My other computer is being worked on (just installed a new cpu heatsink and fan, a couple of high power case fans and a capture/tuner card). With any luck I’ll have it up and running tonight. Between having three drives to read from and using plexus, it’s very rare that I cannot get a disk to read. Still, I’m already farmiliar with the aopen and have been considering getting one for a while. If I do, I think I’ll pair the cheapo reader with the 3500 and the aopen with my liteon since thats my main computer for burning and video work. I know liteons arn’t considered the best but mine has always performed exelent.