Cyclical redundancy check error, how to fix?

Hi, I have tried to clone “Hitch” and “Are we there yet” using clone DVD and DVD anywhere. Neither will clone. The message I keep getting is “cyclical redundancy check” whatever that means! Has anyone any idea if these two movies are capable of being copied?
Thanks, Mantloko


Had the exact same problem using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2-

Have been using AnyDVD and DVDshrink or AnyDVD and InterVideo CVD Copy and have not encountered the crc problem since (20+ movies)-

Thank God the CloneDVD2 was the trial version and not the purchased version-


Hey thanks Mike. I have just downloaded DVD shrink (can’t believe it’s free!) and will try this out. Unfortunately I bought the Clone DVD!!! However, in all fairness, I have encountered no problems until “Hitch” and “Are we there yet”. Thought perhaps it was Sony/Columbia up to their new & devious tricks again!!! Cheers,

“cyclical redundancy check” usually means there’s an error in the manufactured disc…hence you never having problems b4 doing “hitch”…i’ve encountered it a few times myself…:slight_smile:

Hi, thanks Nosmartz. I will give you some feedback as to my success with shrink. Do you know of any good sites where I can download movies? I’ve searched but they all have “catches”, pay this, pay that, etc.


I got the “CRC” error message in CloneDVD2 on 20 different movies - including “Hitch” - yet - each and every one copied and played great using DVDshrink or InterVideo DVD Copy-

Something is very wrong with the CloneDVD2/AnyDVD handshake in my computer (and a lot more folks are reporting the same error in the CloneDVD forum)-

Gotta think that something ain’t right IMHO-

@mantloko - please do not ask for cracks or illegal downloads in these forums - strictly against our rules-eh!


You also get this error with the new copy protection from Sony. I got it on House of Flying Daggers.

Use DVD Decrypter to write the iso to the hard drive (it will indicate structure protection detected and will write dummy sectors), then Shrink from there.

The above response by Mystery905 is quite correct. Both of the movies you mentioned (“Hitch” and “Are We There Yet”) are simply more of the same old Sony ArCCos protection. And, the combination you were using will choke every time on this.

The error message you received (“cyclic redundancy check condition”) is a common one, and it basically is a sort of a generic message meaning that the communication failed while it was trying to copy and/or transcode and/or encode. The communication failed. In your case, it failed because of the bad structure which was deliberately put onto the discs by Sony. In most cases, however, can also mean other problems (with a dirty or damaged or scratched disc being the most common reason).

I urge you to follow this link, and read about the Sony / Columbia / Tristar discs and the various solutions that work. Note that both of the films you mentioned are on the list mentioned in this link.


Hi Bruce,
Thanks for the comprehensive feedback. I’m going to check out this site now.

Howzit Mike,
No, nothing “illegal” required. I was told by a friend (who’s on holiday) he found a great site that lets you download movies free (not illegal stuff) we can get that by cloning! Not new movies either but some good old classics. I’ve searched but there’s always a catch in the sites I visited. Guess I will have to wait for his return then I’ll let you know where it is. Thanks for your help. Cheers,