Cyclical disk error

i am trying to read a disk, using cloneDVD and i get this error:

cyclical disk error

i have also tried DVDshink and also manually copying the files to a folder…but the same result everytime.

I got another copy of the DVD and still the same problem but a different point in the copy process. I have not had any difficuly copying any other dvd…any idea why this dvd is giving this error???


It could be a defective disc, a scratch, some dirt or a new copy protection.
But we will never know, unless you tell us more…

i doubt it is a disk error, simply coz i tried another copy of this DVD and had the same result. What other information would help??

The title of this disc? Maybe it is known to have a protection.

HERA_PHERI_superDVD , This is an indian DVD.

I could not even manually copy the files to my hard disk…!!! I got a cyclic redundancy check error…

You can try AnyDVD 4, it can bypass new protections.

I have, but have not registered it yet…and had the same problem…

Try running a cleaning disc in your drive.

agent007, but i have been copying other dvd with no problem…so if the dirty drive was a problem, should it not have been for all the dvds??

Just a suggestion - take it or leave it. BTW, have you solved the problem yet?

Thanks for the suggestion Agent…