Cyclic Redundency Thingy! (omg)

Ok im having this NEW problem,
im trying to install my originals Battlefield 2 and Adobe Worksuite.

And I keep getting this error Cyclic Redunancy check or somthing

Its relli annoying I cant get any of my stuff now ><
Im using a BENQ DD DW1640

Your copies of those games and progs ere full of errors… Try cleaning the DVDs or, next time, buy the originals… he he he

Why would anyone install from COPIES?!

Your post goes deep into some illegal warez-thingie, IMO. :cop:

We cannot assist you if you don’t have the original. Please read the forum rules (here and here) before posting again.
Thread close!! :cop:

Ballistix-: Does this happens only on original discs? How about burnt disc? DVDs?

Happens on both, =(
but im really not sure I think my drive is just beeing a bit ghey
Maybe theres a driver to install or somthing?

Cause I remember when I first baught it, I couldnt view certain Movies

Replace your ide cable to a 80 wire flat cable and disconnect other devices on this cable.


Thats Has to be it ><
I just installed New ThermalTake Rounded IDE Cables

ill give it a Go!