Cyclic Redundency Error with AnyDVD

I heard about VOB Blanker for this problem but isn’t there something easier to use. It’s doesn’t have anything to do with the condition of the disc. Some discs this presents a problem at different times of the Shrink analysis.
Any ideas ??

Drag and drop the video_ts folder to your desktop with Windows Explorer only (when Anydvd is running). Then try using Shrink to process that folder.

When I receive cyclic redundency error message at various points during initial analysis in DVD shrink 3.2, then I’m blocked at the same elapsed time point in the DVD, even if I use DVD Decrypter and DVD Fab Decrypter. Also, Fix VTS is no help. This has happened with several DVD’s, some of which had no obvious smudges or scratches. Seems like more recent releases suggestive of a type deliberate mastering error. Possible?

Subsequently, I found if I simply open the original DVD with the open Files tab instead of the open Disc tab, I can then process normally with just DVD Shrink 3.2. However, I’ve yet to test this theory on more than one DVD. Does anyone have any similar experiences or deeper understanding of this?

P.S. This probably belongs on a Shrink DVD Forum, but searches have lead to no references to cyclic redundency except due to scratches and smudges.

cyclic redundancy errors can be due to scratches, or in cases of a brand new dvd or a perfectly clean dvd, it’s often attributed to manufacturing error.

also, if you’re trying to read from a backup, it could be that the burn was so poor you’ll get cyclic redundancy errors even though the video will play.

what are you trying to back up? knowing the source will help us to give more tailored advice…

as far as whether the mastering errors are deliberate…I don’t think they are. that’s a fine line to walk since dvds have to be playable in all dvd devices. controlling the error is something that I don’t think has been really mastered yet on teh part of the companies.

I think it has more to do with the fact that the movie industry is crap this year. less revenue from thetrical releases = less money to pump into dvd production costs = you get what you pay for in the final product…cheap mastering.

Try reading the disc in your Dvd Writer, roms are sometimes too fussy.

i am having the same problem, my pioneer wont read the movies wondering if i need a new burner im getting cyclic redundancy errors while trying to burn walk the line,ice harvest and yours mine and ours. im trying dvd shrink,dvd decrypter,anydvd and clonedvd2 ,voblanker none will work think i need a new burner

Cyclic Redundency Error this error usualy come whit sony movie



i don’t care what you continue to believe despite the most knowledgeable people on here telling you otherwise, but do not spread these lies to other forum members who are trying to acquire accurate information.

this is at least the fourth time you’ve posted this somewhere. seriously, STOP.

@ alpinebud This must be the only bit of info you have managed to pick up and like they say it is not true. I have also seen you trying to give this totally stupid advice everywhere. There are alot of new people reading this that don’t know better including yourself. Why don’t you just do a little searching on your own and find out the truth please!!!

I did “walk the line” and “yours mine ours” with any dvd plus dvd shrink and had no problems. You might want to try it that way, Oh yeah I used Dvd decrypter first on those two.

I have found out that when you get this error
there is some disk anomaly
1 actual disk damage such as a scratch
2 your current player is unable to read this disk, especially probable if no-one else has problems
3 a manufacturer/pressing error in exact same spot in all dvds of that title that cause no problem for stand alone dvd players, but cause hell for pc players

#1 can obviously be fixed by anew disk
#2 change players
#3 is more tricky and the choice
a) is to try different dvd players you may be able to find one that will read thru the error giving you a microsecond or 2 of some type of glitch on your copy
b) or no player will be able to read thru the error and no one will be able to make a copy

I have a SG atlantis disk 5 episode 3? has a known pressing error in all current disks
it would not read on my pc players, but when I tried it another player it played thru and the copy only had a microsecond pause
I can live with that

As others have already mentioned, this is not true, so stop spreading misinformation.


i can understand that misunderstanding… Sony uses ARRCOS which is based on bad sectors causeing the CRCs. Not all SONY MOVIES have ARCCOS.

If your disc is brand new and you receive CRCs then the disc is dfinalty beyond any doubt badily pressed.

To beat this, you can exchange the disc or follow my costum guide:

Good Luck,

Most CRC protection (or mastering errors that have been created on purpose) issues are easily solved by using

  1. Anydvd + Clonedvd2 or
  2. Anydvd ripper and whatever you want

If it’s not a protection issue, why wouldn’t you just get a new working original instead of wearing out your reader? In my opinion, brute force error skipping is what you don’t want when reading video dvds, especially when scratches or other physical defects are involved, but whatever . . .

Anyway this thread is pretty old now, and the simple solution for the OP is to just use Anydvd ripper (which didn’t exist when this thread was started) with Shrink.

All i know about that infamous sony CRC statement. Is a year ago i bought Resident Evil 2. Tried to back it up first thing. And CRC error in DVD decrypter. Took it back got another, same CRC error at exact same spot. Done some searching around the net and found a PSL file for DvdDecrypter and it worked fine from there on.

So CRC’s do come with Sony Disks due to their type of protection causing un-AnyDVD’ed machines giving them off.

I think he has read this and misunderstood, which is perfectly understandable in my opinion.


Yesterday my wife asked me to copy a DVD with a lecture. I tried to copy the material to my HD (with AnyDvd on) and got a message of “cyclic redundancy error”. Then I tried to copy the DVD using CloneDVD and the “cyclic redundancy error” message appeared again. I tried to rip the DVD to my HD using the AnyDVD rip utility without success. Finally I tried to burn it with Nero BurningROM and a lot of “cyclic redundancy error” messages appeared refering to several LBAs.

I watched the DVD in my home theatre and it presents a lot of subtle “stops”.

In summary, the DVD which I was intending to copy probably is a copy of a copy of copy…, in low quality media and badly burnt. Nothing to do with protection or software issues.

This is worth repeating. from

“There are three possible reasons for Cyclic Redundancy Check data error notification:
1.) A defective disc, like itzbinnice said. Only replacing the disc should help. Sometimes reading in a different drive works.
2.) A copy protection with intentional errors (SONY Arccos, Puppetlock). Correcting AnyDVD settings (clicking “Default”) or updating to the latest version often helps.
3.) A dirty disc. Cleaning might help.”

For issue #1, I, personally, disagree with using brute force error skipping on dvd videos. Get a good working original disc instead of dealing with a potential imperfect backup (and possibly wearing out your optical drive). For issue #2, use Anydvd and Clonedvd2 or Anydvd ripper and whatever you want (99% of the time, Anydvd works; for the other 1% send IFOs to Slysoft). For issue #3, well yeah, clean the disc.


Like i said in my first post i did my home work before post i dont have reduncy anymore dont use sony dvd writer ,thx for webslinger for sony acros confirmation like i post first time most update anydvd usually help:clap:

Wow, four years later! I am impressed. :bow: