Cyclic redundency check

Hope there is some one there who can help me ??

I am new to all this so here goes… I have a dvd burner and a dvd player… I can copy from the original to a blank using dvd shrink. but when I try to copy from a copy to a blank it comes up with an error… ( cyclic redundency check ) i have tried copying a copy with Clone dvd and also nero V6. but i keep getting errors and cyclic redundency check… I have gone through quite a bit of blank dvd’s… I asked the computer place where I bought the DVD burner and player and they said it was my machine… I have a Pen 4. 1.6 ghz
512 mg ram, and a 60 gig h/d … can some one please help me ???
thanks … lonewoolf

A Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) failure means that there is a fatal error on your media which the drive cannot recover from. Basically it means that your media is unreadable. You could try to read the discs in another drive because sometimes certain drives can read better than others. However, a CRC-error is never a good sign and I doubt you’ll have much success with another drive. What kind of media are you using (manufacturer)? CRC-errors are often the result of using low quality media so I suggest you try some better (read: higher quality) media like media from RICOH, VERBATIM, TAIYO YUDEN, etc. Good luck and welcome to the forums.

Ps. I moved your thread from the CloneDVD Forum to our Media Forum as your problem has nothing to do with CloneDVD.

I too have had this problem… it only happens with one specific dvd. It only gets to a certain point and then it freezes, followed by the same error.

I’ve had no other problem burning, only this one dvd. I however do this the long way… I use dvdshrink, followed by Sonic (using dvd43 to bypass copyright) for final burning. I have yet to find a freebie program that can do all that.

Try cleaning the disc. Also, it might not be very good quality media - can you run CD-DVD Speed, pop the disc in, and tell us the MID info (found under the “Disc Info” tab)?


Yup, that error is usually indicative of a media issue (poor quality media that is).

I noticed that DVDShrink gives this error when I try to copy a DVD which has lots of spaces at the end of the volume name.
For example, I’ve just tried copying Death Race 2000 special edition. The volume name is DEATH_RACE_2000 with 17 spaces at the end of the name.
I always get a cyclic redundency error when I try to copy DVDs with volume names like that. Is it perhaps some sort of copy protection?

Nope, I think it is a slightly problem some apps have with Filesystem rules…

You could make an image and edit the label with imgburn v2 if you like.

No I’m sure now, it’s a copy protection.
Run Slysoft’s AnyDVD before trying to copy and all is OK.
Be sure to enable “Copy protection based on unreadable sectors” in the Video DVD/Settings menu.

Even DVDDecrypter has such an option, so it would be really old kinda “copy-protection” thing…

hmm yeah i got a problem using nero 6.soming ,and am getting it all of a sudden ,when im trying to copy dvd of my wedding photos. cause 1 of my mates want a copy(my best mans widdow) but it isn’t happening and have never even heard of this problem niether has any 1 i know aand there a coupke of computer freaks among us (in the trade).any 1 know of away i can fix it for free(a programme etc). thx

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If cleaning the disc doesn’t work, try and get the data off it and onto your hard drive with ISOPuzzle or ISOBuster.

Then you can try to burn the files with Nero. :slight_smile: