Cyclic redundancy errors?



I use a BenQ 1620-Pro, with Philips DVD+ media using Nero Tools. Now i use my dvd burner primarily for back-up of my files, and to save precious HD space. I just burned some video files into a dvd, and filed it away. Later on, i had to re copy some of the files to my HD, and i couldnt copy about 4 out of 10 files, because of some cyclic redundancy error. Now my questions:

  1. What does cyclic redundancy error mean? What caused it? Is my media worthless? Is my pc too slow? Is it because I had other programs running while i was burning (programs like bittorrent and DC++). How do i avoid seeing this error in future sessions?

  2. As stated above, i use the burner primarily for back up. Is Nero the best program to use in this case?

I’d just hate to lose some of my backed up files to this cyclic redundancy error thingy (yes, im a total noob). ANy helpful advice would be greatly appreciated


Crc errors, means data transmission is not working properly, cause there
can be corrupted or bad datas. In your case, is it the media, this problem
is caused by poor or bad media, dirty or scratched discs, corrupted data.
I’d try another media, to see if it happens, maybe with another brand.
If you’d like to copy the files from your dvd again to hdd, i’d do it with
IsoBuster or Unstoppable copier. For Backup there are many progs, like
Backup my pc, Smartbackup etc… The best way would be to test some apps.
With Nero, personally i had no problems.


You don’t say if you have a DVD-ROM as well. I find my liteon SOHD-167T DVD-ROM to be a far better reader than either of my DVD-Writers (Liteon 851s & NEC2500).


no, i just have the benq as both writer and reader. i wasnt aware there were programs for copying files from dvd to hdd…i just copy and paster, hehe. what is the best, FREE prog for this? same question goes for backup progs…whats the most stable and best? and for example i already burned a dvd…how do i make sure its a perfect copy of the fiels, and no crc’s exist, aside from attempting to copy the entire disc back to the hdd? Ususally, once i nurn a disc, i erase it from thee hdd, so i wouldnt want to lose any files to crc serror. many thanks people :smiley:


You’ve got a Benq so you can do disc quality scans with Nero’s CD/DVD Speed. This will tell you the quality of the burn, you might be surprised how bad some of them can be. Go to the Benq/Phillips forum to get some ideas on what is good/bad. The media you use is a very important factor in the quality of burn you get & you’ll probably pick up some ideas from that forum.

If you want to backup original DVDs you’ll need DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink (both free). These will get the files off a protected DVD & shrink the size to fit a single layer DVD. Start by removing features you don’t need (non-english subs etc).The Copy DVD Movie forum is worth a read.

In terms of backing up general data/programs I use Backup My PC which I find very good. It can backup to HDD,CD,DVD.tape etc & restoring is a breeze. It costs but it could be worth it. There might be free ones but I don’t know any.