"Cyclic Redundancy Error", what is this?

I recently installed the new version of CloneDVD and AnyDVD and on Die Another Day, Hot chicks, and The Nutty Professor I got this error. Can someone tell me what this error means and how to fix?? Thanks.

Did it do this with older versions of CloneDVD?
If you try ripping the DVD with DVD Decrypter does it also do this?

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I don’t know… I only have the new version of CloneDVD. I don’t have DVD Decrypter, only AnyDVD…

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Concerning CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) data error notifications.

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting concerning CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) data error notification. Notice the Comments in posting #6 by Olli the author of CloneDVD/CloneCD and instrumental in the development of AnyDVD.


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it’s either a bad media error or it’s caused because of the new sony ARccOS
copy protection

if you got this error using AnyDVD5.2.6.1 try AnyDVD instead


Where do you get I looked on slysoft.com and the latest version they have is the one I got which is


Also, PLEASE make sure there’s no dirt or scratches on the discs. I find at least in my case almost always that this happens due to a bad disc. Notice I said ALMOST. :slight_smile: But definitely clean the disc and try again.