Cyclic Redundancy Error using DVD Shrink

I have been using DVD Shrink, DVD X Copy, Smart Ripper for a long time
without much trouble.

In trying to copy a particular DVD movie all the above fail to decrypt the first VOB of the movie. I tried another copy of the DVD which failed in the same way.

DVD Shrink (version 3.2) starts to decrypt then stalls for a long time before reporting a Cyclic Redundancy Error. The others either hang or say they encountered and error and must close.

Has anyone else had this problem. More than 150 DVDs have copied without any problems on my burners. I have both a Sony DRU-510A and a Sony DRU-700, both have the same failures. I am running under XP.


Wrong thread !

I posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry about that. I found my answer in the DVD recording/copying forum.

Sorry about that.