Cyclic redundancy error copying files

Im not sure which forum this question should go in.

I have a dvd with my music files on them from a previous computer. When I try to copy them over to my HDD I get this error. I am using a NEC 3520 dvd writer. I also have a HP 300J writer, does the same thing. I can view them and have limited use in playing them as some seem to copy and some do not. I tried an old sony Vaio with a DVD rom and had limited success copying them over my wireless network. It would copy a few then become unreadable. The dvd iteself is readable and in new condition and on memorex media, no scratches no damage. If I try it on my wifes computer with only a DVD-ROM on her IBM netvista I can view and play the files. No errors at all. two dvd RW cant read them and one dvd rom cant but her can…any explanation or fixes for me? Is there software that can help me read the DVD in my new media center PC? thanks!

I would sugest trying diffrent media. Is this your only good copy of these files (and or would it be a giant pain to redo them like if they were backups of cd’s or something)? I have only gotten that error when the drive was having a problem reading the disk (could be several reasons including burn quality or scratches). I would use her drive or try iso buster to read them on your computer, to get the files back and then try diffrent media to burn on. If the disk is in perfect condition, your burner obviously doesn’t like the disks and isn’t making a reliable copy (which gets into firmware updates and lots of other issues to get your drive to burn them well if you would like to try, but I’m not sure what you have done so far).