Cyclic redundancy check



I tried to back up my computer and got twice the data error message “cyclic redundancy check” and that my back up did not complete successfully.
I used new DVD-Rs to back up data each time.
No idea what to do? PLEASE HELP :sad:


You got either a bad burner, bad media or bad ram.
CRC error = unrecoverable


Hi Danne,

Thanks, but what does bad ram mean and what could be a bad media be (an how can I figure out what media is the problem?)


[QUOTE=leni73;2184666]Hi Danne,

Thanks, but what does bad ram mean and what could be a bad media be (an how can I figure out what media is the problem?)[/QUOTE]

One way is to test your RAM is take one out and see if the computer read one stick correctly and then do the test again and take out the previous one and put in the other one. If one of them is bad the computer will make those beeps which will indicate bad ram code beeps.


…or you can have “silent” RAM corruption which usually shows itself as BSODs and instability. In that case you should give memtest86+ a try. Since desktops (and laptops) in general doesn’t use ECC memory BIOS wont detect bad memory sticks. As for media, if it hard (slow) to read burned discs you probably have a bad burner or media. Easiest way to test this is to get hold of some quality media such as TY or MCC.


Leni what are you backing up, how are you doing this, what software are you using to do this?
Also what brand media are you using, and what burner model do you have?


I am just trying to do a normal back up of my computer: Files, music etc.
I am simply using the factory setting for backing up my computer which has always worked before. However I have not backed up for 6 months so there is probably quite a bit more to back up then before when I did it about every 1-2 months.
I have the windows vista home premium operating system and a HP pavillion dv6275us notebook. I don’t know what burner model I have.
I am usuing maxell DVD-Rs, 16x, again normal stuff and had some other DVDs before and it did not work either (I tried to back up twice with new DVDs each time and got the same error data)
Hope this info helps. Thanks again for the help!


You didnt specify what software you are using to backup, is it the natove Windows IMAPI burning built in software?
Try something more popular like Nero, or other software to backup and see what happens.


Yes it is the built in birning software.


try nero…if it doesnt work…u still have two last things to try…try DVD+R…u said u used DVD-R…so try with DVD+R and the last thing to try is to try to update the firmware of your dvd burner…I had an asus dvd burner giving me the same errors everytime…updating firmware n etc gave me the same errors…so I replaced it with a liteon n it’s going on fine…gudluck buddy…

Oh forgot to mention try a dvd lens cleaner…


Thanks so much! I’ll give it a try and hope I’ll get it sorted :slight_smile:
Happy new year!