Cyclic redundancy check

Hi, Im new to this site, in fact to forums so go easy!
I had loads of family photos which are irreplaceable of my recently deceased nan.
I am desperate to find anything to get these photos off.
The CD i wrote them to is nearly full but every other thing on it works but when trying to open, copy or do anything with the photographs i get the “Cyclic Redundancy Check” error message, i have tried cd check and isobuster and a few other program mentioned on other sites but to no avail, and the Cd has been cleaned properly.
I desperatly need a program to help me or a way to get round this and get my photos back and would really appreciate any posts back to me too.
Also i can be got hold of on ****** too.
I am not completely computer illiterate but only have a basic knowledge so in simple terms please. Thanks

usually burning at too faster speed generally gives you this message on cds
I suspect the original disc was burnt at too fast speed originally causing these errors! :frowning:
you could try re imaging the disc very slowly with alcohol 120% then re burning slowly onto new media however its a long shot ???
you could also try reading the disc in question on another drive or computer
as different drives are sometimes more tollerant at reading data than others

Hi jwalmsley1985 and welcome to our forum. It could very well be that you have a bad source disc with either scratches or just plain dirty, this can also be the cause of CRC errors, try another disc. I realize that this is not a replaceable CD so try and clean it, there are programs that can read scratched discs better than others, I am sure a quick Google check will give you many choices, and since it is a disc of photos you can rule out any copy protections.