Cyclic redundancy check

I get a cyclic redundancy check when copying files from a 3" mini DVD to my hard drive. As far as I know there are 2 corrupt or damaged files on the disk and I am trying to add the video to MY DVD editing software where I make my home movies. Does anyone know how to repair these files or even skip over them when uploading or copying them. I do not think that they are that important for the mini dvd will play in a regular dvd player with only a millisecond glitch in the video.

Welcome to cdfreaks. Dirty disc or a bad manufactuers burn. Try cleaning it and see if that helps if not return it for another copy.

is there any way to save the data on the dvd or possibly delete it from the disk?

You could try the ripper built into AnyDvd. It’s got a 21 day free fully functional trial available from May take awhile though.

If DVD Decrypter will work on your mini DVD then under Tools -> Settings you can set error retries to zero by ticking the box highlighted below. This should allow the errors to be skipped over:

This is good to to know. Thanks imkidd57. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same cyclic redundancy check over and over again and ticking the box “ignore errors” doesn’t help. My Nec 4570 (firmware 1.02 and now 1.03) just tries to read bad sector (disk is scratched) over and over again. I tried the drive on different hardware: same problem. My friend’s LiteON skips errors in this same disk with no problems. Tried other program (Super COPY 2.1) capable of skipping errors: same issue there. The only solution I’ve found for now is to eject/insert the tray and only then reading goes on to the next sector.
Do you know what might be the problem? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Try it with another drive.

Yes, I feel that the issue is in the drive. Other drives skip errors correctly. Is there any way for my Nec 4570 to enable skip error option? I feel that if I start coping some DVD with scratches and leave the room, my 4570 will try to read the first bad sector endless ammount of time. I don’t seem to find anyone having the same issue and probably there is an easy solution?

Every drive/brand has a different hardware error correction “built-in”.
In case you have trouble reading some media, try with another drive/brand.

Thank you chef
Will use other drives for that media.