Cyclic Redundancy Check?

Hello everyone,
Can anyone suggest a line of action? :rolleyes:
I’m trying to back up a DVD using DVD Shrink 3.2 (& Nero 6)
Analysis (decryption) of the disc stops @ 42% with the message Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check).
Remember I’m new to this (Bit of a - Doh!)
So talk slowly please.

that means its a bad disc your trying to backup(from the store)…you’ll have to get another one…sorry…:(…you’ll have to try a different copy of the disc

It could possibly be the protection on the DVD. Try DVD Decrypter to rip the movie to the HD first.

I am also new at this and I read on a forum that if you use a decryption program like DVDFAB Decrypter then it will burn. I have used it for several things and it does work. It’s a free download so you could try that.

Thanks M8 I’ll give it a try

CLC is often a dirty disc or bad disc, but could also be something else.
What movie are you having problem with.

i have noticed i started to get these 2 warnings - Cyclic Redundancy Errors- Cyclic Redundancy Errors using dvdshrink since SONY introduced there new copy protection systems PUPPETLOCK and ARCOSS to get around this you have to use dvd region free to overcome these copy protections i hope this info is of some use to you--------------------SILVERSURFER--------------------------

Of course this can be a protection thing, so try out ripit4me and see if that helps…