Cyclic Redundancy Check

From what I’ve searched and found here in the forums…I’m guessing that the cyclic redundancy error pretty much means a bad disc, right? I’m trying to backup “never say never again” and I’ve cleaned and removed any scratches and also tried copying the files to the hd first, but with no luck. Just wanted to be sure that there are no known problems or copy protection with this disc…thanks


AnyDVD info for disc:

Summary for drive E:
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)

Video DVD (or CD) label: NEVERSAY
Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is locked to region(s): 1!

Ok, now cloneDVD2 is giving me a copy protection error on this…hmmm

Most of the time it means its a defective disk. It could also mean the drive is starting to fail, but most likely the disk was either mastered incorrectly or was defective when it came off the presses.

You could try using dvddecrypter to make sure its an issue with either your drive or disk.

I’ll bet the house it’s a defective disk.
To confirm, start AnyDVD, then in Win Explorer attempt to copy all the files to a Temp folder. Somewhere along the line it’s going to freeze and you’ll get an error message,
you’ll be able to identify the culprit file.

Or you can try DVD Decrypter, it too will stop at the bad file. In my experience I’ve never been able to copy a disk with that error message, with DVD Decrypter I once attempted the retry method with over 1000 retry’s, didn’t work. Replaced the disk and condition corrected. When I now see that error message, if a fast clean doesn’t work, I cry uncle, and give it up.

You can spend hours/days/weeks & will probably never get it to work right, we have all tried. If you can still purchase the disc anywhere in the world, it would be your best bet.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

I have met Cyclic Redundancy Check problems before and tried to see if any software can get rid of it. I have tried 1ClickDVD copy, DVD Shrink, Nero Recode 2, CloneDVD, Apollo DVD Copy and Intervideo DVDCopy 3.

With the same defective disk sample, only Intervideo DVDCopy 3 works. Trust me, this is the most stable DVD copy software so far. I did see it take longer time for DVD Copy 3 to overcome those defective sectors, but at least it made it!

I have had some success with fixing crc errors by processing the offending disc with Vobblanker, then transcoding with clonedvd or dvdshrink. Vobblanker is freeware. You can dl it here: vobblanker

Just leave all the checkboxes as they load default in vobblanker, then process the files vobblanker creates with clonedvd or dvdshrink.

Vobblanker + CloneDVD worked! Thanks for the help. awesome

Glad I could help.

Having never used vobblanker I’d thought I’d give it a try.
I pulled out a defective disk I had and ran it through vobblanker.
The disk was freezing in the early stages of chapter 3, I was able to get past the freeze by fast forwarding on my PC only, not my standalone. By doing so I was able to view the rest of the chapter and movie.
I know loaded the newly created files that vobblanker created only to discover that it modified that chapter, it removed everything from the freeze point to the end of the chapter, then continued playing the chapters as it should.

This is not at all acceptable to me, there were many important scenes removed that were needed to follow the plot of the movie. As mentioned I still was able to view the rest of the defective chapter on the defective disk, not so with the finished product of vobblanker.

I would like to know if others that used vobblanker had the same experience I did by removing the whole chapter, or is it possible that only a small segment can be removed and it just didn’t do it in my test.

I even tried again with DVD Decrypter using 1x speed read, it failed.

Unless someone can advise me I did something wrong in using vobblanker (left defaults) where it removed the entire chapter, I stand by my original statement, nothing will fix a cycle redundancy error other than replacing with a new disk.

tonyr4711 i to had this problem, on both l4yer cake and resident evil apocalypse i managed to get around this problem using latest versions of clone dvd annd any dvd and dvd shrink. after useing shrink to copy the said dvd’s to the H/D i the used clone dvd to burn it to disc this worked for me hope it does it for you, see this thread (
good luck

Unless someone can advise me I did something wrong in using vobblanker (left defaults) where it removed the entire chapter, I stand by my original statement, nothing will fix a cycle redundancy error other than replacing with a new disk.

Whenever you get these types of disks, you should immediately bring it back to the store. Don’t even try to back it up. Make a stink about it at the store too, because we shouldn’t have to deal with defective disks to begin with. Perhaps one day they will actually take the time to test them better (prolly not, but I can have dreams).

CloneDVD2 can only recompress. u can’t use it to decrypt.

Only two files were corrupted on my DVD: VTS_03_1.VOB (extras) and VIDEO_TS.VOB (copyrights and trademark) on my DVD. Since I need only main movie I did not copy corrupted parts at all. Necessary VIDEO_TS.VOB and corresponding #.BUP and #.IFO I copied from other DVD. Shrink does the rest. And now even better – movie starts right from beginning, not from copyrights, main menu and other stuff :D. Menu still works by pressing “menu” on remote.

This thread is 6 months old.

What your saying makes no sense.
“Necessary VIDEO_TS.VOB and corresponding #.BUP and #.IFO I copied from other DVD”

Why didn’t you just use the other DVD to make the copy since obviously the files were not corrupt?

I ordered max payne 2 from the internet and at the time of installtion (about 85% through) it has an cyclic redundancy check error and the cd looks great, not one scratch or dent on it. i don’t see what the problem it is. i tried disabling dma on my computer but it still won’t work can ne one plz help me. remember this is a computer game not a dvd video

Thanks for posting this hammer head. :clap: I just had a DVD that had crc errors and used vobblanker and processed with shrink. Worked great. :bow: