Cyclic redundancy check on disney

I have been tryin to back up my dvd movies with dvd shrink, and dvd-43, and i can back any movies i have except disney movies. I keep getting a data error(cyclic redundancy check) i tried slowing down my burner to 2x burn speed and still doesnt work, I have a brand new lite-on dvdrw shw 160p6s burner this is what it says in the device manager. I tried doing a search on here but didnt bring anything up. So any help would be appreciated. :smiley:

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Try to follow this method; it should work

thank you geno888 that worked perfect on The Chronicles of Narnia. and a few other disney movies i have :slight_smile:

Youโ€™re welcome :slight_smile:

yes PgcEdit plugin is good as I have tried it myself, but i have found another program easier to use that uses the much same tools.

It can burn โ€˜ANYโ€™ movie. Just go this link and download the software:).

When using program you will also want the latest version of DVD Decrypter and the latest version of FIX-VTS. Latest version of CloneDVD2 would be the best Shrinker aswell. AnyDVD would also be good if wanting the movie to jump straight to the Title Menu:D:D:D.

The way RitIt4Me works is that it opens up the DVD and automatically opens up DVD Decrypter and copies the movie straight to the Hard Drive. When that is finished RipIt4Me cleans it and removes any unwanted junk. After that is finished it opens up FIX-VTS and gives it a thourogh cleaning. Once that is finished just close RipIt4Me and open the files up in your favourite SHRINKING program (I would reccomend CloneDVD2) and again copy to Hard Drive and burn to a Blank DVD:D:D:D.