Cyclic Redundancy Check error

Hello all,
I’ve been using CloneDVD for several months with no problems. Just updated to version and tried to burn World Trade Center and got a CRC error (from CloneDVD). Help box says to clean the disc surface and try again, but no luck. Anyone else seen this error and if so is there a solution for it? Cheers.

Disc might be bad. Did you try to rip it hdd with AnyDVD? I copied my WTC with no problems.

Thanks for the reply. My issue had to do with the sound files. When I changed the disc type that I was burning to from DVD-5 to DVD-DL (hence I could copy all the sound files vs. 94% using DVD-5) it copied no problem.

Snagg -

Depending on what you actually desire to include in you finished back up copy it is not necessary to include all the audio streams contained in the original Commercial DVD Movie.

Suggest reviewing the below Forum link that describes how to determine actually what all the audio streams are on the original Commercial DVD Movie that you copying. Note the comments in posting #6 in the below referenced thread.