Cyclic redundancy check error


I am getting this “cyclic redundancy check” error when I try to open my DVD+R Fujifilm CD. I had recently burend all my stuff on it as a back up when I reformated. Now, I want to copy the stuff off the cd to my computer but now I get this lame cyclic redundancy check error.

Is there anyway I can get around this to copy my files off my pc? Also the CD loads very slow. I have a huntch that it’s a drivers problem or something extra I need.

Anyhelp would be apreciated. Also I am running Windows XP. If that helps any.


I’m a bit confused, you say you are using “DVD+R Fujifilm CD”.
Is it a CD or DVD? I believe it’s a DVD and you just are referring to it as CD.

Most probably you have a bad disk. First try giving it a thorugh cleaning and try again. If you have put a label on it, this may very well be the cause. You can try to remove it and give that a try. Never put a label on a DVD, they’re more sensitive than CD’s.

Lastly try it in a different drive if you have one, if you don’t have one, perhaps a friend has a DVD-Rom(read only drive) drive that you can attempt to recover it from.
DVD-Roms are better at reading media than DVD burners.

As a last resort, if the DVD is badly scratched you can try some Brasso to buff it out, it’s available at your hardware store. If you see no visible scratches it is more than likely a defective disk that you can’t do anything about.

Hello itzbinnice,

What I ment was the DVD disk was a Fujifilm which I have burned in DVD format as a DATA DISK. Only problem is, The CD takes to long to load and when it does. The disk wont let me copy anything off of it.

Now prior to this headacke, I got this pc back in 03 and when they had all that preinstalled crap on it, it worked fine.

Now since then I reformated allot of times and had no problem since. Now here is the stanger part. I have multiple CD’s which I use the same method of doing and they open fine. Now this disk was working fine before and now all of a sudden it won’t open.

I have hurd from a friend there is a progream or so called drivers I guess I need to install. I haven’t talked to him yet about it. I hoped you guys would give me some good pointers as itzbinnice did.

I thank you for your time in replying to my problem itzbinnice. You have a great rest of the day.


Not sure if you’re still checking here, the topic is a couple months old. I have had some success using ISO Buster software. I frequently have “cyclic redundancy check” errors on mp3 DVDs that I’ve burned. Windows seems tooooo dumb to be able to extract the files, but ISO Buster has worked.

Now if only I could figure out why this keeps happening. I’ve used Roxio and Nero, LG and Lite-on drives, and a variety of DVD media, and still run into this CURSED problem.