Cyclic Redundancy Check error

Hey everybody,
I have been trying to get some old stuff off a CD i burned a while back, but every time, i get an error saying:
Cyclic Redundancy Check error with the file name in front of it…
Does it mean my cd is corrupt?
Will it fail every time?
What can i do to get the stuff on it?
Thx in advance

CRC errors are usually due to errors found on the discs, sometimes from bad media. You can try cleaning the disc, checking it for scratches and such but if you don’t see any then it’s corrupted in some way. Look up a program called “iso buster”. It may help you extract the info on the disc.

Also, you might try reading the disc back on another drive with better reading capabilities…

I got this message once when i burned a Sony 8X DVD+R at 8X. Except that, all other sony disc i burn at 4x reads fine.