Cyclic redundancy check error when reading a CD


I am trying to copy an avi file from a CD to my HDD, however, at around 70% through the file, I get an error sayng “Data error (cyclic redundancy check)” and the file of course is not copied to the hard disk.

What is this problem about ? How can I overcome it in order to copy the file ?

The file plays flawlessly in WMP (when playing it from the CD).

P.S. : The CD only contains this 700 MB avi file and the CD was recorded by me.

try reading it in a different drive or try cleaning the bottom of the disk a bit

a CRC error is basically a mathmatical calculation done on the data to check if it is not corrupted. Failing a crc check means that either the disk is going bad or it cant read it correctly.

different drives are sometimes better at reading certain disks than others. As far as your WMP playing the file fine. That doesn’t really matter very much. A small crc error could mean a fraction of a second of audio or video distortion that you might not even realize.

try what i said above and see what it does.

I tried cleaning the disk and reading it in another drive but still the same, unfortunately.

After a quick Google, I found this prog which overcame the same problem:

Or you could use isobuster this worked for me.

I also get this on the Bulkpack and other cheap CD’s our workplace (can’t remember the writer model.)
My new NEC ND2510A DVDRW cannot read beyond about 70%-80% of the way out on the CD. (DVD-R:OPTODISCK001 and DVD-R:PRINCO)

However, to support the above post, they read (mostly) fine on a DVD-106S front loader by Pioneer. (Which has been a great drive BTW) so now, I’m going through all the DVD’s done at work, copying them onto my hard drives and writing to some better quality DVD’s from the NEC drive. (Hopefully! DVD-R:FUJIFILM03 and DVD+R:RITEK-R03-002)