Cycle rundancy error

I have an HP Pavilion a320n. 1024Mb ram, AMD 2800+ 2.08G. 1 samsung 120gb HD, 1 seagate 120 GB HD, and 1 seagate 80 GB HD. I have a 250 watt power supply. and 2 HP DVD writers. My problem is that i cannot copy a dvd movie to the hard drive or copy to another dvd. I can play dvd movies, burn movies off my hard drive if there already there, and copy cd’s just fine. i can put “data” dvd’s in and copy the whole dvd to the hard drive with NO problems. I have used EVERY dvd burnning program under the sun and i get the same error “CYCLE RUNDANCY ERROR”. now before anyone says its your media or your lazer is dirty. I have checked all this. I have even pulled the computer apart to see “if” maybe I had a jumper wrong. but nothing has fixed my problem. Now I had a Medion with 1GB of ram, a 120 GB HD, and an 80GB HD, with bothe the “same” hd dvd burners in it. and NEVER had a problem with this. it had a 250 watt power supply and an intell P4 2.8. I have even went into my BIOS to see if maybe something was shut off. so basically im asking for any help other then what i have already tried.


Use a tool like AnyDVD to rip it to hdd.