Cyborg butter dish - end to hard butter?

LONDON (Reuters) - Ever get frustrated with fresh-out-of the-fridge butter that is too hard to spread?

A UK-based company has launched a portable, temperature-controlled butter dish, ButterWizard, which keeps butter at what it says is the optimal spreadable temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has a built-in fan and a chip which together control the temperature, adjustable for different textures, be it super-soft bread, crusty toast or delicate biscuits. “We were trying to find out what people’s frustration with butter was. It’s either too hard or too soft,” said David Alfille, managing director of East Sussex-based company Alfille Innovations Limited.

“ButterWizard heats or cools the butter and you can adjust the temperature to suit yourself.”

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter said: “There are over 16 million UK households buying butter on a regular basis, but one complaint I hear time after time is the lack of spreadability of real butter.”

“Butter has been part of diet for thousands of years. The important thing is to spread butter thinly,” she added.

Note: ButterWizard is available in the U.K. for 34.95 pounds ($60.17). :slight_smile:


The ButtWizard?

jokes aside…
it mentions the device has a chip…just one?
what happens when you spread some “just right” butter on it and eat it?
it should really come with more chips.

I demand at least an Athlon Dual Core system to be installed on this!

Is the dual core athlon temperature controlled … and what are the effects of melted butter on an athlon :stuck_out_tongue:

The butter acts as a lubricant and speeds up the CPU like WD40 would*

*Note, if you try this, you deserve an exploded CPU

Lol! Better than sax any day :iagree: