CyberlinkPower DVD not able to play protected content from output device

I just bought the BDR-205 Blu-Ray deck for my computer. I installed a DVI-D to HDMI adaptor cable (v1.3w/deep color) from my 9800GTX Graphics card 2nd DVI port (1st port I have connected DVI to DVI port on the same monitor) , & to the HDMI 1 port on my Vizio VMM26F201 monitor. When I started PowerDvd 9 in HDMI input the movie started but shortly after the error came up that power dvd not able to play from the output device try using an analog output, d-sub & try again.
DVI to DVI in Digital input of the monitor works fine to playback blu ray movies only if I unhook the HDMI cable from HDMI 1 port. Drivers up to date on 9800 card. Vizio says could be cable wrong type, or the BDR-205 is the issue.
Any ideas anyone…

If you have the card hooked up via the DVI to DVI port, and it is working for playback of your Blu ray movies, is there a particular reason/need to hook it up to the HDMI port?

PowerDVD is notoriously fussy about HDCP compliance, so I think it is something in the HDCP handshake that isn’t being seen properly by the program through the HDMI port.

I wanted to see if the quality of the movie resolution would be improved, not that it doesn’t look good now.

No, there is no difference in the quality of the digital video signal. A DVI connector that is HDCP compliant transmits the same video signal as an HDMI port/cable. HDMI can also carry sound, but that won’t happen when you start with a DVI connector and use an adapter to the HDMI port.

Yes I started reading several articles on the subject of what is better, component(analog), DVI-D, or HDMI. Although HDMI is becoming the connector of choice by the industry probably due to HDCP.

Thanks for your input, this eases my mind on this subject. It has been a pleasure discussing this with you!