Cyberlink unleashes -- PowerEncoder MPEG-4 AVC Edition

I just posted the article Cyberlink unleashes – PowerEncoder MPEG-4 AVC Edition.

CyberLink Corp., have released
PowerEncoder MPEG-4 AVC Edition , this software will allow you to capture and convert video using the H.264 standard. The company is claiming a…

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Yeeeeaaaaahhh!!! 88GB of Video Down to 0.86MB I Believe that and all other electronic/Software Company Hype.:wink:

I’m sure they can do it without problems if the sample video is spatially and temporally the similar. The new low-bitrate codecs are very advanced but not matter how advanced they all depend on predicting patterns and this makes them inferior to any other format that is less dependent on prediction - in fact, original is best!

It’s 0.86Gb not 0.86Mb!! :X

Ehrm, 3.5GB data for 1 hour mpeg2 movei in DVD quality? I wonder what res and what bitrate that should have???

The real strength of MPEG4 video lies on its object based compression, in addition to its size advantage. This makes true multimedia interactive movies a real possibility. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this better than Xvid or is it the same?

are they talking about the same resolution also? I can get a 30 gig mpeg down to 800mb if you don’t mind a 312x210 picture and 15fps with mono mp3 audio at 56kbps