Cyberlink "Right to Disc" trouble



I just installed my new LG GSA4163B DVD burner and installed the CyberLink and Nero software. My first attempt to burn home movies has not worked.

Under the CyberLink Power Producer 2 Gold software is an option to burn directly from my MiniDV camera to disc called “Right to Disc”. I am having trouble getting this to work properly under Win XP SP2. My camera is connected to the PC via Firewire. I am using Verbatim DVD-R media.

The program launches OK, using the software I rewind the tape in the camera and then begin to record. A “percentage written” bar slowly works towards 100% as the tape plays (records). An hour later recording stops and the burn process completes. The “Closing Disc” process is last then I am congratulated on creating my DVD.

However when I play the DVD there is only 1min 28sec of movie! The first 1min 28sec of the tape was burnt, and that was it. I tried again with a new blank disc. This time I only got the first 1min 23sec of the tape. When I look at the burnt surface of the DVDs it looks like the outer 60% has changed colour a little, so I assume this is where it was burned.

Any ideas what is going wrong?