CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 BD Profile 2.0 update




For PowerDVD 7 Ultra retail and online purchase versions only. To check the updates for hardware bundled versions, click here for instructions.

List of Updates:

Adds playback support for Blu-ray Disc Profile 2 (BD-Live).


Thanks for the info, nekrosoft13. Nice to see that Cyberlink still supports their older version.

I’m guessing that harddisk playback is still a no (as also in their v8)


what do you mean by harddisk playback?

i can playback .ts, m2ts files just fine straight from the HDD.


[quote=nekrosoft13;2044896]what do you mean by harddisk playback?

i can playback .ts, m2ts files just fine straight from the HDD.[/quote]Movie playback from harddisk, by this option: “Open movie files on hard drive”. If you choose this option, you can just click on a folder where your blu-ray movie is (contains BDVM and CERTIFICATE folders), and you will get menu etc. I believe blu-ray playback from hard drive is disabled after v7.3.3319a. Newer releases disabled this option (greyed) if you try to playback a blu-ray from harddrive.

The one that you mentioned (playback single files) is: “Open media files” which is fine.


I have trepadations about downloading this update, this is what I got when I went to download it, and its not a false positive either.


I just downloaded and no problem.

Btw, the update is “only” 3730d?
The last version is 3730 (without “d”) in Feb 2008. Anyone knows the changelog?


I am sorry for the above that I thought was a virus, Kapersky is aware of this and corrected it in the latest update definitions.

Hi, the obfuscated.zv detection was a false alarm, and has been corrected in the latest signature updates. If you perform one now, you should no longer be alerted about the presence of obfuscated.zv in those files.



Kapersky often causes false positives