CyberLink PowerDVD Certified for DTS-HD Master Audio (Adds Blu-Ray)



TAIPEI, Taiwan, Jun 20, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE)

CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), innovative solutions provider for the connected digital lifestyle, announced today that PowerDVD receives certification by DTS for the support of DTS-HD Master Audio technology.

The combination of CyberLink PowerDVD and DTS’s latest technology enables the ultimate entertainment experience when laying high-definition content and Blu-ray discs movies on PCs. DTS-HD Master Audio allows bit-for-bit reproduction of the original studio master soundtrack and supports up to 7.1-channel output, for a lifelike audio performance.

“We are pleased to work with DTS in enabling superior high definition video and audio experience on PCs,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “PowerDVD users can now enjoy lossless compression audio quality when watching their latest high definition Blu-ray discs.”

CyberLink PowerDVD’s main features include:

– Playback of Blu-ray Disc and high-definition videos

– Support for new high-definition audio technologies, such as DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-ES (Matrix and Discrete), DTS 96/24, and Neo: 6

– Optimized performance for playing high-definition video content through graphics cards featuring NVIDIA PureVideo, ATI Avivo, and Intel Clear Video chipsets

– Support for next-generation disc features like Picture-in-Picture movie mode, networking, interactive BD-J, bookmarks, and advanced disc navigation

CyberLink PowerDVD featuring DTS-HD Master Audio support will be available as an upgrade to existing users in July 2008. An HDMI 1.3a-enabled audio system is necessary to enjoy the high-definition DTS-HD Master Audio. For more information about CyberLink’s high-definition solutions, please visit

SOURCE: CyberLink Corp.


Dont smile to much

An HDMI 1.3a-enabled audio system is necessary to enjoy the high-definition DTS-HD Master Audio

By the looks of it all they have done is add a stream pass through for the audio and not allow internal decoding at full quality… Thats just like sticking “Dolby Digital Compatable” on a cheap DVD player with stereo out jacks and an optical connection and then advertising it as fully supporting 5.1 dolby playback.

So, no chance of it being output to 192KHz 24 bit analog ports on a PC and most people will need to get an HDMI amp with support for DTS-HD Master to play back the audio track as it was supposed to be.


The receiver part of the equation doesn’t bother me as much as the 1.3a requirement on the PC. As far as I understand it, it’ll ONLY support equipment from MFG’s that they’ve worked with directly in order to make sure their drivers support the Protected Audio Path nonsense they’re adding in the next version. So, it’s not like you pick any old sound card or video card with HDMI support, hook it up to your HDMI enabled receiver, and enjoy audio nirvana. This PAP nonsense really sucks as far as I can see. While I’m likely to upgrade my receiver soon to get HDMI audio, I’m not keen on the idea of Cyberlink choosing what HDMI pc solutions I can buy if I want to use it with PowerDVD for unmolested audio playback.