CyberLink Power2Go

Have done all the usual, registry clean, remove traces of original program, turn off virus and fire wall programs, Special checks for bots and viruses, with no success.
Will give credit to CyberLink, at least they responded and tried. What is total insanity, is the most recent CyberLink suggestion, “try CyberLink Power2Go, on another computer and use that computer”. Had sent CyberLink every thing they requested in order to help me, get ‘their CyberLink Power2Go’ program to work again. Guess they are giving up now, from their lastest suggestion. Seems they ignored my comment of “If I do a ‘compatability’ check, the Powertogo WILL kick on, with no adjustments made , but is lost again after any reboot.”
Why should I reinstall from the ‘hidden’ reinstall all programs’ segment, and spend many hours, refilling the registrations and email accounts again, because one program wont work.
Not a stranger to computers or programs, but am a novice regards compatability’ checking. How in the world does one know where the battle of DLL’s and operating system takes place.

CyberLink Power2Go Ver 4
Worked normal, when using it. than unused for awhile.
Had not used Powertogo for some while. Decided I was going to get the full versions of what came with my Gateway GM5072 computer. When I tried to activate the program, nothing qould start. Am able to watch videos with the DVD app.
If I do a ‘compatability’ check, the Powertogo WILL kick on, with no adjustments made , but is lost again after any reboot. Don’t want to upgrade if a conflict of some sort will prevent usage of an update.
Have reapplied Gateways ‘Program Application Recovery’ with no success.
Powertogo Ver
Power DVD ver 6.0

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vCAmit Reply 2009-01-10 15:38:27.013

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Dear Patrick,

Thank you for contacting CyberLink Technical Support.
We understand your concern related with Power2Go 4.0.
We apologize for all the inconviniences that you have had faced so far.
We request you to please install the software on any other computer and try to use that.
Please let us know the result of this test.
Use the below mentioned link to get back to us for immediate response for your further queries:

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Have you ensure that [B]ALL[/B] your Computer Hardware devices have the newest most current up to date “Drivers” installed and that your Operating System has [B]ALL[/B] the newest current most up to date “Updates” installed?