Cyberlink Power DVD v5

I have windows xp, and have always used Power DVD…I thought id update to the latest version (5) installs fine and opens fine...but will not play my movies...anyone else had this problem, or know what it could be.......I gave my daughter a copy and its going fine on her computer…what could I be doing wrong…thanks…Marianne:D :smiley:

I have XP pro and she has xp home edition (this is the only difference)


Can you play any video’s at all at your system? Or is just PowerDVD not capable of playing back video’s?

If you have Windows media player installed (I presume you do, version 9 is the latest), you should be able to play DVD’s with that as well. You may want to give it a try and see what happens. If this program doesn’t play DVDs either, there is nothing wrong with PowerDVD (something else is).

BTW, does PowerDVD give you any error messages?

Make sure that the proper “Default CD/DVD-ROM” drive is set on the “Player Setting” tab under “Configurations”.

Thanks for your help guys…yes my DVD does play movies with media player no problem…I was having trouble with nero not recognising my drive…I have sorted that out now, so maybe try installing Power DVD again…this may have been the problem…otherwise i`ll check those settings u reccomended…thanks again

woot! first post here.

Anyways, I had Power DVD (think it was ver. 5) on my computer before I formatted it, XP home, and reinstalled it after, XP Pro, and it still works.

The home/pro is not your problem.

Thankyou all for your help…but as I said earlier I had problems with Nero…(computers…just cant work them out)....I have just had to reformat and for some reason I had accidently put on an old version of Nero, and it wasnt picking up the burner…since reinstalling the correct version of nero I reinstalled Power DVD and it`s working fine:o

thnks again for your help guys:bow:

I am having trouble with this software as well. I tried reinstalling it, and then I upgraded to 7.0. I still have trouble.

What helped you play movies?