Cyberlink PDVD-Ultra problem

I got this with the new LG drive. Uninstalled an older OEM version of PDVD and installed this one. The program does not show up in my programs list, or in the “HD manager” thingy that Cyberlink installs. However, it does show up in “Add-Remove Programs”, and all the program files are present. If I try to launch the program from the EXE program file, I get a message window telling me that my trial period has expired and asking for a license code.

I’ll be damned if I’ll go buy the retail version if I can’t get this one to work first. Cyberlink pretty much refuses to support it because it’s OEM. Obviously I’ll get nowhere with LG “support”.

Any thoughts on this? I’ve done registry cleaning, re-installs and about everything I can think of to get a clean install. There’s no help files or instruction anywhere on the CD.

Did you already contact and ask the LG support? I would do it. :slight_smile: