Cyberlink offers 10% discount on PowerDVD Ultra

I just posted the article Cyberlink offers 10% discount on PowerDVD Ultra.

Cyberlink is offering a 10% discount on PowerDVD Ultra to CD Freaks visitors. The discount is valid from the 16th of July till the 15th of August. Using the coupon code NE3Z9Q72UEB.

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Woohoo 10% discout you normally get free with a new comp or wouldn’t consider buying in the furst place!

I did Mat :slight_smile: I was planning to buy it, 10% discount always nice

It should be mentioned that Power DVD WILL NOT PLAY HD MOVIES IN HD, unless the whole PC system is HDCP, including your video card and monitor if you want to use digital (DVI or HDMI) interface. I’m not sure about analog VGA connection, in theory it should work but I would check with other users first.